Patient stories

Elliot Barnes

Elliot Barnes was luckier than many, when he made a full recovery after a car hit him at a high speed and fractured his skull and broke his back, in Easter 2008. The NHS offered excellent aftercare after removing the plates from the vertebrae in his back and caring for him in the Little France in 2009.

Elliot said: "After my initial emergency back surgery in Cardiff, I needed a large operation in 2009 in Edinburgh to remove a number of metal plates from my back. It was a nerve wracking experience but I had excellent treatment from all the doctors and nurses, which made the experience more bearable. I am now back to full fitness and it is thanks to the skill and dedication of members of the NHS. They help people like me on a daily basis and my life could have been very different if it wasn't for the care offered by this service. The NHS deserves huge gratitude for what it offers our whole country, in times of need."