Patient stories

Gordon Guthrie

Gordon was fit all his life, playing rugby at the top level and only hanging up his boots at the age of 47. As someone who had never really had to rely on the NHS, everything changed at 54 when he suffered a major heart event and had to undergo a triple by-pass two weeks later. This was followed by a hip and knee replacement in his 50s. Gordon, now 67, is full of praise for how the NHS has cared for him and his family through the years, so much so that he now volunteers his time to NHS 24 in gratitude.

Gordon said: "From cradle to grave sums up the extent of how the NHS touched me, my family and friends. The birth of my kids, sporting injuries, parents in failing health, my heart by-pass surgery, replacement hip and knee, grandchildren. My doctor and the surgery staff became my friends, I take my pills and look after my health as the care I got saved me and gave me back a future. Your health is your responsibility and the NHS is there to help. I owe a great deal and through involvement with NHS 24 as a volunteer I work to put something back."