Patient stories

Meg Park

Within her role as Head of Nursing at NHS Tayside, Meg Park is no stranger to over seeing the needs of those in her care. However she was forced to experience her world from the other side of the hospital bed when kidney failure left her life dictated by dialysis. Meg received a successful combined kidney and pancreas transplant in 2001. 

Meg said: "When I received my combined transplant back in 2001, I was one of only seven people in Scotland to receive the innovative operation. It shows how far the NHS has come over the past 12 years, with thousands of people benefitting from the advancements made in the field of organ transplantation. As an employee of the NHS, I see everyday the impact the NHS has on people's lives, but I know the reality first hand. The treatment and care I received transformed my life and has allowed me to take up endless opportunities I would not have had without my transplant."