Patient stories

Rosemary Beaton

If it hadn't been for the NHS Rosemary Beaton, 66, would have lost two of her sons. Born with Cystic Fibrosis they've faced a lifetime of treatment to keep them alive.

Rosemary said: "If it wasn't for the NHS my boys wouldn't be here now. It's only thanks to the amazing dedication and unrelenting hard work from a whole team of people that they are with us today. And it's not just the day-to-day care that the NHS provides. They are at the forefront of research into managing and curing progressive diseases that blight people's lives, ensuring that babies born today have a chance at a normal life. In the midst of it all you sometimes forget that the NHS is free, it's always there for you and you automatically turn to its staff for help. Often we take it for granted but it's been supporting me and my family my whole life and it think the staff are heroes who deserve to be celebrated."