Scotland's Vision for Quality Healthcare

Against a backdrop of significant successes in improving care, increasing access to services and improving safety through its world-leading Scottish Patient Safety Programme, Scotland has set out its bold vision for its NHS that will meet the needs of the future in a way that can be sustained, and is making the changes needed to make that vision a reality.

The vision for health and care in Scotland is that:

‘by 2020 everyone is able to live longer, healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting.’

This will be delivered in a system where there is integrated health and social care, and with a focus on preventing ill health and supporting people to look after themselves when they have longer term health issues.

When people cannot be treated in a community setting and need hospital treatment, they will be treated on a day case basis wherever possible.  There will be a focus on getting people back into their homes or a community setting as soon as possible.




Wherever people receive their care, this will be provided to the highest standards of quality and safety. People will be at the centre of their care, involved in decisions that affect them and they will be treated with respect and compassion.